Welcome to our Webpage. Our Firm CPA Armando Avilés Galloza & Co., PSC. Was founded in year 2001 in the west side of Puerto Rico. Our mission was to create a firm to bring accounting, auditing, taxes and business & governmental consulting services. Today our firm bring services to more than 150 private company and government through Puerto Rico. Our Firm was organized under the laws of the department of state of Puerto Rico and have the license # 177 granted by the Accounting Board of Puerto Rico. We have the honor to be part exclusive accounting firms group that form part of the peer review program of the Puerto Rico Certified Public Accountants Society. This program guaranties the most higher compliance standard in our profession.

CPA Armando Avilés Galloza & Co.,PSC. Bring auditing, tax and business & governmental consulting services. Our personalized service approach is our typical key factor of the firm of quality service to clients. We have served profit and non-profit organizations, governmental and other regulated entities.

Our mission

  • As part of our mission we recognize our most valuable asset: our staff.
  • We are committed to developing the technical and competence skills of each member of our working team by providing Continuing Professional Education (CPE).
  • Our CPE policy is to provide 40 credits hours in all areas of services.
  • Our personnel participate in trainings sponsored by Puerto Rico Society of Certified Public Accountants, American Institute of Certified Public Accountants and other Professional Organizations.

Tel: 787-868-8994

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Technical assistance in the preparation of the annual budget of the agencies

“Committed to your success”

"Your expert staff worked with us to customize exactly what we needed"