CPA Armando Avilés Galloza & Co., PSC.

Advice on the application of accounting principles generally accepted for government entities

Technical assistance in the preparation of the financial statements of government agencies

Implementation of programs to monitor the preparation and filing of compliance reports with the administration of federal funds

Technical assistance in the preparation and filing of compliance reports with federal funds.

Perform audit of payment process of the Finance Department of government agencies

Assist the finance director of the agencies in other administrative and financial matters that require expertise in accounting, auditing, finance, computer systems, and compliance, among others

Maintenance services to audit programs in the computerized information system

Assist in the compilation and reporting of financial data and statistics for weekly, monthly, quarterly, semi-annual and annual reports of the agencies

Technical assistance in the performance of financial audit procedures on the statements and reports of government agencies.

Assistance in the performance of compliance audit procedures on the operation of government agencies.

Technical assistance in the collection of data and statistics on the effectiveness and operational efficiency of the agencies in the use of federal funds

Technical assistance in the preparation of the annual budget of the agencies

Implementation of programs to monitor the expenditure of the agency, according to the budget and determine the available balances of each item.

Grant management services for federal funds:

a. Provide ongoing grant management technical support to agency.

b. Services in financial accounting roles and responsibilities.

c. Provided financial accounting knowledge transfer and on-the-job training.

d. Support in expenditure report development and cash management process execution.

e. Reconciliation of utilization federal grants.

f. Management technical support to achieve the objectives and goals in the assigned special projects.

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Welcome to our Webpage. Our Firm CPA Armando Avilés Galloza & Co., PSC. Was founded in year 2001 in the west side of Puerto Rico. Our mission was to create a firm to bring accounting, auditing, taxes and business & governmental consulting services. Today our firm bring services to more than 150 private company and government through Puerto Rico. Our Firm was organized under the laws of the department of state of Puerto Rico.

CPA Armando Avilés Galloza & Co.,PSC. Bring auditing, tax and business consulting services since year 2001. Our personalized service approach is our typical key factor of the firm of quality service to clients. We have served profit and non-profit organizations, governmental and other regulated entities.

Services Provided to Private Companies:

• Bookkeeping
• Preparation of Income Tax Return for Individuals, Corporations, Special Partnership and Trusts.
• Preparation of Inheritance and Donation Returns.
• Preparation of Financial Audits.
• Preparation of Financial Statements (Compilation and reviews)
• Payroll Services.
• Financial and Tax Consulting

• Government (Consulting, Reporting, Monitoring and Compliance)
• Construction and Development
• Services
• Health
• Manufacture
• Tourism
• Retailers
• Nonprofit organizations
• Entities with Tax Decrees

We offer personalized attention according to the particular needs of clients based on the study and analysis of your company


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